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Die kun + Shin chan

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This community is dedicated to Die and Shinya, members of the Jrock band +++Dir en grey+++

This is a BOY'S LOVE-related community!
This community is in no direct way related to Dir en grey, Die or Shinya (except as in our relationship as idol and fans)! This is a community made to serve the purposes of bringing all the DieXShinya fans together and share our thoughts and works and such. EVERYTHING IN THIS COMMUNITY IS A WORK OF FICTION AND IN NO WAY ENDORSES ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES.

Creator => hakukumo
Co-founder => fy_sanctuary
Please direct questions, comments, and concerns to fy_sanctuary [at] livejournal [dot] com with the subject line "Die_shinya Community"

Since February 2010, melinen is responsible for taking care of the joining requests. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact her either by PM or e-mail (daishimel at gmail.com).


1. I keep trying to join the community but I keep getting rejected! What's up?
As of the Strikethrough2007 drama, all members must have their livejournal account for 2 MONTHS in order to be admitted into the community. Community moderators DO NOT inspect the content of member journals and only go so far as to check new member's userinfo to verify dates. If you keep getting rejected, it's because your journal is less than 2 months old.

2. But my new account is only my writing journal- I already am a member of the community! Can I still join?
This is being dealt with on a member-by-member basis. Please contact fy_sanctuary at fy_sanctuary at livejournal [dot] com if you'd like to petition this.

3. I'm trying to submit a post to the community but it was rejected- why?
Also a precaution after Strikethrough2007. Most reasons for rejection of a post are included on the e-mail response back to each user, however the reason 99% of the time is because your post was not FRIENDS LOCKED. Please resubmit your post with a lock and it will more than likely be allowed through.

4. The archives haven't been updated in a long time- what's up with that?
The archives are a long and strenuous process and take way more effort than most people think. This community was founded before the proliferation of LJ's tagging system so a lot of it runs on user supplied hyperlink action. If you want to help out the process, please make sure multiple chaptered stories have links to their previous chapters because this makes things go A LOT faster. As for when updates will be actually made, it's all whenever the mods feel like doing anything. We're both busy people~!

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